English On The Move…

English On The Move…


English on the Move develops children’s confidence and attainment in key areas of the KS1 and KS2 English curriculum using the concept of physically active learning.

Suitable for all abilities and tailored to meet your school’s requirements, innovative and engaging activities are used to enhance spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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Why English on the Move works

Cognitive performance
A growing body of academic research proves that brain function is enhanced through physical activity.
An increase in concentration, accuracy and efficiency all contribute to higher attainment in English.

Learning environment
English on the Move gives children a new way of learning. By tackling English tasks in a different context, attitudes can be improved and barriers broken down.

Engagement and retention
Memorable learning experiences, coupled with physical movement, boost engagement. The result? Greater retention of information.

Using Sports as a tool to aid and educate all round child development!

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Maths on the Move

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Education & Training

Maths on the Move

Holiday Clubs

Primary Schools

Education & Training

How schools use English on the Move

English on the Move complements traditional classroom-based learning by offering an alternative way of working. It can be used in primary or secondary schools in a variety of ways:

  • Curriculum enrichment
  • Group interventions
  • Gifted and talented sessions
  • SATs booster
  • School holiday activities

How your school can budget for English on the Move

You can access funding from several streams to help engage your pupils in English on the Move:

PE and Sport Premium
English on the Move addresses key indicators and raises the profile of physical activity across the whole school as a tool for whole-school improvement.

Pupil Premium
English on the Move raises the confidence and attainment of your pupils and ‘closes the gap’.

English budget
English on the Move introduces innovative methods and helps your pupils achieve national standards in English.

The impact of English on the Move is constantly measured and shared via an online platform and regular reports. This gives you invaluable data to justify your spend and provide key evidence to Ofsted.

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