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Since 2008 Crossbar Coaching - Education In Sport has been using Sport as a tool to aid the all round development of children and young adults from 4-19 years old. Evolving from a single sport company, Crossbar now specialise in delivering PE & School Sport provision across the national curriculum as well as alternative sports such as Dance, Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee and more. Our Sport Educators range from delivering extra-curricular sessions to being full time members of staff, assisted by our Sport Apprentices, to provide a fun, safe, educational and all inclusive environment for learners to 'be the best that they can be'. Our sports educators focus on the Fundamentals of Movement (FOM) and Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) of  physical literacy through to 'life skills' such as attitude, teamwork, confidence, health and social issues and more.


Crossbar are working hard to develop the next generation of coaches, teachers and pioneers for the sports development world by offering a range of apprenticeships shadowing our coaches in schools, and The Crossbar BTEC Performance Academy for sports men and women to test themselves in the elite sporting world. 16-24 year olds looking to get involved can visit our 'Further Education' tab and apply to be a part of a professional, rewarding initiative that will be extremely valuable to prospective employers in the future. 


The world of PE & School Sport has never been so important, and with this in mind, we now not only use role models to raise aspirations and performance of students but also assist in the development of teachers. The PE Curriculum Support (PECS) Programme gives schools and its staff the chance to up skill in this specialist field without draining valuable teachers time. Our resources and online portal provide a non invasive but efficient way for staff to fine tune their PE delivery, with our PECS Mentors on hand to monitor progress every step of the way. Visit our 'PECS' tab for for details.

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