Crossbar Primary Festivals proved big hit this year!

Crossbar Coaching is celebrating a successful year of Primary Festivals, and as the academic year draws to a close and summer closes in, they are looking back on a year of highs from a string of successful events and festivals, as well as the ever popular Crossbar Cup.

School sport can have a positive impact on both the physical and psychological development of young people, and the Crossbar Primary Festivals are a way for pupils to compete in a structured competition with their peers, and this year dozens of schools have got involved and entered their school teams.

This past year pupils have been given the opportunity to compete in a range of different sports, including Boccia, New Age Kurling, Futsal, Trampoline, Dodgeball, Archery, Football and Handball, which has proved a massive success, and could lead to further tournaments and events being held in the future.

Further to Crossbar’s success in festivals, they have also delivered their ever popular Crossbar Cup for the ninth consecutive year, a tournament that gives 5 a side teams from schools across Shropshire a chance to compete against their peers, and the standard this year has been the highest it has ever been. The Crossbar Cup gives boys and girls from year 3 up to year 6 a chance to compete for either the Crossbar Plate or the Crossbar Cup, and each year more schools enter to be in with a chance of taking home the trophy. As the popularity of the Crossbar Cup rises, Crossbar are looking to expand their popular tournament by hosting Cups in other sports in the near future.

Kevin Sandwith, Crossbar’s Schools Liaison/QA Officer, said; “we would like to thank all staff members from each school who play a huge part in organising travel, training and choosing players to compete at our festivals. We all understand the time and effort that goes into each competition and without everybody's dedication these magnificent sporting events would not be possible.”

As summer looms and Crossbar’s ever popular holiday clubs begin their six week run, they are looking forward to the next academic year and the events they will be running and hopefully launching for schools across Shropshire to get involved in.

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