The Crossbar Primary Partnership (CPP) is a newly formed initiative backed by the School Games aimed at catering for children in schools who may not usually get the chance to experience competition. There are many children who suffer from a lack of confidence and self esteem, having either had a poor experience of sport previously or, for whatever reason, are not deemed to be ‘good’ enough to participate in a competitive environment. Crossbar are aiming to try to ‘bridge the gap’ of children not wanting to participate in sport by offering competitions that are fun, competitive, exciting, rewarding and most of all…. ALL INCLUSIVE!


We are aware that children are engaging in more competitions as schools are able to help in facilitating the logistics of all aspects of this from staffing, travel, organisation etc. However, whilst competition increases, this does not necessarily mean more pupils participating. The Ofsted criteria encourages the participation of ‘gifted and talented’ children within competitive sport but we must also understand that raising participation levels with the so called ‘non sporty’ is a priority too.


Crossbar will be running 8 competitions at the fantastic facility that is Lilleshall National Sports & Conference Centre through until the end of the academic year. We will also be running the ever popular Crossbar Cup competitions as part of our program. Please see the competition calendar below giving you an overview of the competitions along with pricing. 


Teachers CPD


As part of our work in schools, we now offer our PECS (PE Curriculum Support) program. This is already proving to have a positive impact on the development of children in schools as well as the teachers at Redhill, Wrockwardine Wood Infants, Ladygrove, John Randall, Newdale and Woodlands to name a few. The PECS program provides CPD and is recognised by the Association of PE (AfPE), however though the CPP we are offering two further CPD opportunities in Primary Sports Coaching. These are the 1st4Sport Multiskills L1 & L2 qualifications. Alongside a workshop of ‘Create an impact with your PE & School Sport Premium’, there will be 5 workshops on offer in order to make the quality of your PE in school of the highest standard.


Lilleshall National Sports Centre


We are excited announce that ALL competitions mentioned will be held at this historic venue which we know will raise aspirations and for young children to see the value in sport. 


Sports Leaders


The CPP is a great chance for Crossbar to invest in the next generation of prospective sports enthusiasts. We are currently working with Secondary schools to give opportunities to year 10 students, who will gain work experience by assisting Crossbar staff during competitions or delivery of provision, whilst gaining a Sports Leaders L1 or L2 qualification. This is not only a great opportunity for these students but also great for primary students to use sport as a pathway to their own development when seeing young adults achieve.

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