The Crossbar Academies are run by FA qualified coaches, offering sessions for young footballers from the age of 4 up to 12 years old.

The aim of the Academies is to provide young footballers with vital skills in a safe and fun atmosphere, helping develop technical skills and tactics along with the desire to excel. We focus on youth development, nurturing young talent and educating young players to push themselves and exceed their own expectations. The Academies are suitable for young players, both boys and girls, who want to progress within the sport, as well as children who simply want to play a sport they are passionate about.


The Crossbar Academy runs on Thursdays from 5:30 - 6:30 pm at London Road Sports Centre for players aged 8-12

We are also affiliated with Shrewsbury Juniors Football Club to offer Crossbar Juniors, an Academy that offers young players aged 4 - 7 the chance to develop their skills and progress into a football club. Crossbar Juniors runs on Thursdays from 5:30 - 6:30 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 - 11:00 am, both at London Road Sports Centre 3G Astro.


The Crossbar Academy runs on Mondays from 5:00 - 6:00 pm at Hadley Learning Community for young players aged 8 - 12.

We are associated with Admaston Juniors to offer Crossbar Juniors in Telford, our Academy for young players aged 4 - 7, which runs on Wednesdays from 5:00 -  6:00  at Hadley Learning Community.

Free taster sessions are available, and contact us on 01952 677965 to find out more.

Coaches Profiles

Sam Griffiths

Year Joined: 2014

Qualifications: FA Football Level 2, PE and School Sports

Level 3, FA Futsal Level 2, Multiskills Level 1, Primary Gymnastics

Level 1, First Aid and Safeguarding

Projects worked on: Coached ages 8-12 in Crossbar Academies

from 2014-2017 in both Telford and Brian Little Academy,

Stafford. Began to oversee Crossbar Academy from

2018 – present. I also run holiday clubs and soccer schools.

Why Crossbar?

I believe in Crossbar Academies as the main focus is about

improving each player individually away from the stress of

competitive football. This then leads to children expressing

themselves more freely and finding out more about their own

abilities, which can then be transferred into competitive games

as they gain confidence – there is no wrong way

of doing things successfully in competitive football!



Niall Flint

Year Joined: 2016

Qualifications: FA level 2 coaching, PE and schools sports level 3,

FA Futsal level 2, PE and School Sport Level 3

Projects worked on: Crossbar Academy Coach for all age groups,

run holiday clubs and soccer schools

Why Crossbar?

I believe in Crossbar Academies because not only is it an

introduction to football which focuses on fundamental skills and

physical literacy, it is a source of health and well-being and an

excellent instrument to promote a more inclusive society.

Josh Morgan

Year Joined: Sept 2017

Qualifications: Degree in Sports Coaching and Physical Education, 

PE and School Sport Level 3, Futsal Level 2, First Aid and


Projects worked on: Run Crossbar Juniors

Why Crossbar? 

The academies are a good chance for the children to learn and

develop their skills whilst also making friends and improving

social skills.

Patrick Fletcher

Year Joined: 2016

Qualifications: Football Leaders, PE and School Sport Level 3,

FA Futsal Level 2, First Aid and Safeguarding

Projects worked on: Holiday Soccer Clubs, Crossbar Academies

Former player for The New Saints FC

Why Crossbar? 

I believe academy football is vital for young players who want to

experience the best coaching, in order for them to understand

what they want out of the sport and what they can achieve from

football in the future. Crossbar Coaching is that perfect

stepping-stone for young players who want to kick-start their

footballing careers.We aid physical development whilst making

it enjoyable and a safe environment for the children to play in.

Calum Bennett

Year Joined: 2014

Qualifications: FA Futsal Level 2, Gymnastics, PE in School Sport

Level 3, PE and School Sport Apprenticeship Level 1 and 2,

First Aid and Safeguarding

Projects Worked on: Started at Crossbar as Apprentice aged 16,

then past three years as school coach. Lead the Shrewsbury

Crossbar Academy and the Shrewsbury Crossbar Juniors. Also

run holiday club at one of our schools and have done numerous

Crossbar events.

Why Crossbar?

I believe that the Crossbar Academy is a fantastic opportunity

for young footballers of different age, ability and gender to come

and develop their skills and increase their confidence in a safe,

fun and disciplined environment. Coaches try to make the sessions

fun and try to pass on as much information as possible to the


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